Climate and Travel seasons

Andalusia is well known for its mild sub-tropical climate. With 320 days of sunshine per year, there isn‘t a wrong time of year for travelling to Andalusia. Personal preference determines which time of year is ideal.

Winter, from December to February, is mild und reaches temperatures between 15 and 20 degrees and attracts many sun-starved Europeans from the northern regions. The warm rays of sunshine and the chirping of the birds carry them away from the cold and darkness of their homeland.

In February, March, the almond trees bloom and offer a breath-taking view.

Springtime, March to May, the fields are in full bloom with the addition of dapples of red from the poppies. Days become longer and permit pleasant evenings outside. Towards the end of spring, the Genista begin to bloom and the surrounding hills burst of colour.

Summer, June to August, temperatures vary between 25 und 30 degrees and remains dry. Due to our higher position, our hotel located at 900m altitude, we always have a slight breeze and pleasant temperatures, and nearly mosquito-free even at the height of summer. At this time of year, it is particularly pleasant to spend long warm evenings on the terrace, or at the pool and enjoy a glass of wine. The nearby coast offers pleasant water temperatures for bathing and various water sports.

Autumn, September to November, although more rain can be expected, temperatures still maintain in the 20’s, until beginning of December, while you can continue to enjoy the typical warm Mediterranean lifestyle. The fig trees are now carrying ripe fruits, and until the end of October, the water temperatures still permit bathing in the sea. Tourists depart from Andalusia and sightseeing can be done without crowds


Actual local Weather forecast: