Spanish lessons

We speak German and English fluently. Riding instruction is also available in both languages.

Learn Spanish or improve your spanish during your stay at Residencia Fundador

We are pleased to announce a further highlight at Residencia Fundador. Since autumn 2017, you can now learn spanish or improve your spanish skills in our wonderful relaxed atmosphere.

Learn Spanish in Andalusia…while enjoying horse riding, trekking or mountain biking.

You always wanted to learn spanish? Or you can speak spanish already but would like to improve or practise with a native speaker? And choose your topics of interest?

We had been searching for a motivated instructor who could provide our guests with authentic spanish lessons here in the beautiful ambience of Residencia Fundador.

We found MARIA, in Velez Rubio, where she lives with her husband and two children, and where she gives spanish instruction in a language school for adult education.
Following her studies at university in Madrid, and several relocations in Spain, she has now settled in the quaint little town of Velez Rubio. Maria is a charming, warm and talented teacher with plenty of energy who manages to bring across the language, the lifestyle of her country with an easiness and cheerfulness. Her infectious love of life will bring you closer to the spanish language and way of life.

Spanish lessons on vacation – for beginners and/or advanced levels

Whether beginner or advanced level, Maria, using her pedagogic skills and sensitivity will promote you to speak spanish. Maria teaches at our hotel, mornings, Mondays to Fridays,. A lesson is 45 minutes, for 1-2 participants, or 50 minutes for 3-4 participants.

Groups consist of a maximum of 4 participants. Prior to the first lesson, you will be given a questionnaire to fill out, so that Maria can assess your level and be made aware of your needs, themes or requests, and can prepare her lessons individually according to the information provided by you in the questionnaire.

No. of Participants

Lesson (incl. Travel costs materials, photocopies)

(to and fro)

1 – 2 persons 45 min. 25€/group 12€/day/group
3- 4 persons 50 min. 31€/group 12€/day/group

all prices include VAT

We hope this has perked your interest and would be pleased to see you here for spanish lessons.
If you need further information or have further requests or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Spanisch lernen in Andalusien, Spanien

Residencia Fundador – now also offering Spanish for beginners or advanced speakers, individual or small groups.